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  • Where is your farm located?
    Our farm is located at 109 Carrier Asher Ln. Elizabethton, Tennessee near Stoney Creek. We are a working farm and visits are by appointment only.
  • Where can I find your products?
    You can find our products direct to consumer, meaning right here at the farm in Elizabethton. Come meet the farmers directly and find out where and how your food is grown and made!
  • What animals do we raise here and what do we do with them?
    We raise heritage breed pigs, beef, turkeys, chickens and rabbits. Our beef are 100% grass fed and can be grain finished with high quality grain. Our pigs are pasture raised on a rotational grazing system and supplemented with fed high quality, non-GMO feed. We NEVER feed our animals "garbage or slop". We do NOT feed out pastries or breads or junk to our pigs. Our pigs do receive nutritious raw milk, produce and when we can source it, spent beer grain which is high in protein and similar to sprouted grains. Our chickens are raised on rotational grazing system as well as fed high quality, non-GMO feed. Our breeding rabbits are raised in cages to help better manage quality and prevent inbreeding and are fed a high quality, non-GMO feed. Our meat rabbits are raised on pasture.
  • What do our pigs eat?
    Our pigs are Pasture Raised & Forest Fed. Pigs are omnivorous creatures, and we can often see them foraging for earthworms, grubs, eating roots and grasses, treating themselves to acorns and apples in the fall. Our pigs are also supplemented with fresh produce daily throughout the year, as well as spent beer grain, and high quality, non-GMO grain. Each years natural forest floor varies and no two groups of woodlot pigs will produce identical-tasting pork, but our customers will tell you it's some of the best pork they've ever eaten!
  • What do our grass fed beef cows eat?
    Our beef is 100% grass fed beef raised on pasture and eat grass year round, they are finished on high quality grain while having free access to grass. We add in the grain to help with even marbling throughout the beef. Consuming fresh grass in the summer and fall, and fresh, baled hay(grass) in the winter and early spring.
  • What is hanging weight and why do you charge by hanging weight?
    First: Terminology. Live weight is how much the animal weighs when it's out in the pasture. Hanging weight is how much the animal weighs "on the hook", or after it's been slaughtered, skinned, the guts removed. In short, hanging weight is mostly meat, but still includes a lot of bones that aren't usable by most. "Cut and wrapped" weight is how many pounds of actual meat you end up with in your freezer. Most farmers or wholesale stores sell their animals based on hanging weight which may or may not include slaughter and butchering fees (ask before you commit!). It makes sense to use hanging weight because that's how the butchers also charge the farmers: they charge the butchering fees based on hanging weight or "on the hook". We include everything in our price per pound.
  • What is the average hanging weight and cost per pig?
    Average hanging weight for a whole pig= 180-230 lbs (depends on season) Cost per pig is $6/lb based on hanging weight and includes everything(customized cuts of meat, smoking, your choice of sausage flavor & vacuum sealing). So, if you have a 200 lb hanging weight, total cost would be $1,200. For half, it would be half the cost.
  • Do you treat your animals with antibiotics or hormones?
    No. We pride ourselves in raising our animals and poultry in environments that are disease free because of our natural and eco friendly management systems. Sometimes, an animal may get sick and need "treatment", but more often than not, we are able to treat with good old mother nature using a combination of essential oils, herbs, roots, and homeopathic blends that have antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic or antibiotic, such as garlic, honey or oregano, properties to heal our animals and poultry. WE NEVER USE HORMONES! FOR ANYTHING!
  • Do you offer a CSA?
    Yes, we offer 3 options of Meat CSA share at this time. The Meat CSA shares offered cover Small Family (1-2 people), Family(3-4), and Large Family(4+). The Meat CSA includes a variety of Pork, Beef and Chicken cuts each month and is picked up from the farm on the 2nd Saturday of the month, June through November.
  • What if I can't make my pick up day for my CSA?
    While we strive to keep CSA Share pick up dates consistent, we understand that people live busy lives and have other comittments. If you have a Saturday that doesn't work, please let us know so we can make arrangements for another date for pick up.
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